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Large updates to wiki-refresh for 2019 dataset

Frank Duncan requested to merge update-2019-wiki-refresh into master

Created by: frankduncan

@kfogel this is just one large commit, but I can attempt to break it apart if you like. Outside of that, we can do the normal review process, or just merge it into master and move forward with the project.

The updates in this include:

  • Move fix-csv to compose-csvs
  • Move csv munging code out of wiki-refresh base script into python, now located in compose-csvs
  • Call csv2wiki via python3 module loading
  • Update macfound-internal-csv2wiki-config.tmpl to include judge data

More generally, this update takes three different csvs and puts them together into one set of data that's culled by which proposals have been reviewed favorably, then adds judge review data to those proposals to output to the wiki instance. This work is all done in one place, with wiki-refresh now being a small combiner script with variables about data placement.

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