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Update for changes in torque related to Cache Invalidation

Frank Duncan requested to merge cache-invalidation into main

Now ToCs invalidate correctly, and MultiWiki wikis get invalidated by their dependent wikis making changes. This required small updates to the various MultiWikis

The bigger change that came is that the ToCs no longer use Competition Name for the variable in ToCs, instead using competition.object_name + "_data" This means that LFC100Change{2020,2017} get renamed to 100Change{2020,2017} respectively, and that the ToCs need to index into the proposal data via the pair (competition_name, application_number), and that required changes at the top level etl toc code.

Some other small quality of life changes came along for the ride relating to when pages actually get created on the wikis, as well as the multi wikis being able to specify collection-only now.

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