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Support tab overrides

Frank Duncan requested to merge 159-support-tab-overrides into main

Created by: slifty

This PR makes it possible to define a custom set of wiki tabs using a new $wgLFCExtraTabOverrides global.

The $wgLFCExtraTabOverrides global is a dict where keys are the name of the tab override and the value is the value that we want to be used for $wgLFCExtraTabs.

For example:

$wgLFCExtraTabOverrides = [
  "FINALIST" => [
    ["Factsheet for ", "Factsheet", "main"],
    ["Prospectus for ", "Prospectus", "prospectus"],

Then to invoke the FINALIST tabset, the wiki page would need to include:


Resolves #159 (closed)

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