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Add a reporting table for projects

Frank Duncan requested to merge ardc-225-add-project-reporting-table into ardc-main

What a small line for such a large set of changes. Those supporting changes include:

  • Creating a view for the new Reporting Table
  • Creating a current_report() method in report_config that is slightly differnt than current_report_due (see inline doc)
  • Adding a ProjectQuerySet method that does some intense subquerying to be able to express the current_report in sql so that the status can be filtered against

Issue ots/clients/ardc/hypha-tracker#225: Create a summary dashboard page for reports received from grantees

For testing, the best way is:

  • Get a project to the reporting phase, and it should show up in the table
  • Filter the table by not started and make sure it shows up
  • Set the project's report due to various kinds, and the report due date in table should change correspondingly
  • Fire off a report reminder a la !35 (merged), which should show up in the last notified column
  • Save a report as a draft, which should move it to in progress on the table
  • Filter the table by in progress to make sure it shows up!
  • Complete the report, which should move it to completed status on the table (or submitted, I forget)
  • Filter the table by completed to make sure it shows up.
  • Do a self high five

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