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Project Report Forms

Project reports use the form configured in Wagtail admin. To add or edit a report form, use Projects -> Report Forms. To bind a report form to a given Fund, use Apply -> Funds, set Project Report Form.

When projects are enabled, a project shows the Reports in various project interfaces. A new project report will use the current fields from the Project Report Form associated with the Fund from which the Submission/Application was granted. An existing report, when edited, will use the original fields at the time that report was first filed. This behavior appears consistent with at least one other similar form.

As of this commit, file and multiple-in-one field types are not yet working, but most should work.

Thanks to Frank Duncan for the "View" functionality in hypha/apply/projects/templates/application_projects/report_detail.html Co-authored-by: default avatarFrank Duncan

Fixes ots/clients/ardc/hypha-tracker#224

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