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    Fix link to documentation on how to contribute (#3403) · fb1f841a
    Karl Fogel authored
    The previous link was broken (404 error), so this is an improvement.
    However, an even better fix would be to have a general documentation
    landing page for all types of contributions, and it would refer out to
    the type-specific sections (e.g., translations, code contributions, doc
    Currently, because there is no such page, we have to instead point to
    (i.e., does not
    exist -- that URL also gets a 404 error). I think a better fix here
    would be to first make the latter exist in the documentation, and then
    re-update the links in here to point to the new place.
    But let not the perfect be the enemy of the good. This fix is still a
    great improvement, as it at least gets the user to contribution docs.
After you've reviewed these contribution guidelines, you'll be all set to contribute to this project.