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    Update COPYING to GPLv3 · fda1819c
    Daniele Nicolodi authored
    Beancount is released under the GPLv2. Thus the GPLv2 was chosen for
    the beancount-mode repository was it was split off from beancount
    repository.  However, since beancount.el gained a license header, it
    has been advertised as being released under the GPLv3-or-later and all
    code later contributed to beancopunt.el was implicitly licencensed
    under this license.  The main authors of the code in beancount.el
    agree to license the code under the GPLv3-or-later.  I am the author
    of the other other files and I am relicensing their content under the
This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later. Learn more