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Release 1.7. Changes:

== New Features ==

* Extensions: pass can now load user-defined extensions from a system
  directory or a user directory. There's already a nice ecosystem of
  extensions being built, even at this early stage. See the pass man page for
  more information.

* Signatures: there is now an option to enforce signatures of the .gpg-id file
  and extensions using an environment variable.

* QRCodes: generate and show have now learned the --qrcode/-q switch. Note to
  package maintainers: this adds a dependency on the popular qrencode package.

* Password generation: rather than use pwgen, we now use /dev/urandom more
  directly, which results in more assured password security, as well as
  customizable character sets, via an environment variable. See the pass man
  page for more information on this customization. Package maintainers: you
  may now drop the dependency on pwgen.

* Importers: there now are several more importers. More and more folks are
  moving to pass!

* Selectable clipping: you can now specify which line you wish to copy to the
  clipboard or display with a qrcode when using -c or -q.

* Git discovery: The PASSWORD_STORE_GIT environment variable has been removed,
  and instead pass will automatically choose the git repository closest to the
  file being modified (but not out of the actual password store itself). This
  should help people who like to nest git repos for different organizations.

* Bug fixes: too many to count.

== Note To Distros ==

* Drop the dependency of pwgen.
* Add the dependency of qrencode.
* The Makefile now does the right thing with DESTDIR, so you might want to
  double check that your package recipe does the right thing.
* The semantics for auto-detection of bash completion has changed, with new
  environment variables for such things. See INSTALL for details.