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Release 1.6.2. Changes:

== Features ==

* generate now has an --in-place option to replace only the
  first line of a file with a new password
* generate now uses pretty ansi colors
* `pass git diff` will now decrypt your history in memory on the
  fly to show real text diffs of how your passwords have changed
* Lots of general code cleanups and restructurings

== Bug Fixes ==

* test suite escapes characters properly
* use install -d instead of mkdir -p in makefile
* do not rely on bash inside of makefile
* cleaner tmpdir cleanup logic
* use portable sed in zsh completion
* gpg key sorting is now done with LC_ALL=C
* git sub-commands will now use a secure tmpdir
* properly escape input to sed during reencryption
* tests now work on directories with spaces
* gpg secmem warning is disabled during gpg key comparison so that
  output is consistent on bsd
* tmpdir templates actually work now when making a secure tmpdir

== New Additions from Contributors ==

* KWallet importer script