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Release 1.5. Changes:

== Features ==

- Team pass is now possible! At last! Each .gpg-id file may contain multiple
  IDs, separated by a new line, and `pass init` now takes multiple options for
  specifying multiple keys with which to populate .gpg-id.

- Different directories may now have their own .gpg-id, and `pass init` has
  now learned a -p/--path switch for writing this file. This may be used to
  have different access permissions for different sub-folders.

- All temporary files, even ones that exist merely in a tmpfs ram disk, are
  overwritten with random data before deletion, using shread or wipe,
  depending on the platform.

- If git is in use, all commits can be signed with the "user.signingkey" ID if
  "pass.signcommits" is enabled in git-config. This protects against remote

- Clipboard selection can now be overwritten using the
  PASSWORD_STORE_X_SELECTION environment variable, and the timeout time before
  restoring the clipboard can be overwritten using PASSWORD_STORE_CLIP_TIME.

- The umask can now be overwritten with the PASSWORD_STORE_UMASK environment

- gpg v1 can be used, in addition to the already supported v2

== Bug Fixes ==

- Do not race between clipboard restoration instances at once
- We now properly follow symlinks with tree and with reencryption
- Fix conflict between passwords and directories with the same name
- Bash completion goes in the correct folder
- Many bash and sed simplifications and optimizations
- `mktemp` now uses the correct argument order
- We no longer use GPG compression, due to security concerns
- Documentation improvements
- Bash, zsh, and fish completion clean-ups
- Lots of import script fixes
- Non-recursive makefile
- On re-encryption in `pass init`, a pipe failure no longer blanks file

== New Import Scripts from Contributors ===

- KED password manager
- Revelation password manager
- Keepass2 password manager
- Gorilla password manager
- Pwsafe password manager

== Other Contributed Projects ==

- A firefox plugin
- An iOS app
- A dmenu script