Commit eeb13239 authored by Bastien Guerry's avatar Bastien Guerry
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Fix commit 19af72

Thanks to Rainer Stengele for reporting this.
parent 9bec9f1c
......@@ -4908,13 +4908,13 @@ Support for group tags is controlled by the option
(setq ret (save-match-data
;; Append setupfile tags to existing tags
(setq org-ota t)
(setq org-file-tags
(delq nil (append org-file-tags (nth 0 ret)))
(delq nil (append org-tag-alist (nth 1 ret)))
(delq nil (append org-tag-groups-alist (nth 2 ret)))
org-ota t)))
(delq nil (append org-tag-groups-alist (nth 2 ret))))))
(and ext-setup-or-nil
(string-match re ext-setup-or-nil start)
(setq start (match-end 0)))
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