Commit 4a4dbe16 authored by Matt Lundin's avatar Matt Lundin Committed by Bastien Guerry
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Fix speedkeys to move subtrees up and down

* lisp/org.el (org-speed-commands-default): Bind "U" and "D" to
`org-metaup' and `org-metadown'.

Org speed keys were not updated to reflect the recent changes to
org-shiftmetaup and org-shiftmetadown.  As a result the default
bindings for speedkeys "U" and "D" were destructive, since they moved
only single lines.  Binding them to org-metaup and org-metadown fixes
the problem.

Thanks to Marco Wahl for reporting the problem:
parent 69773248
......@@ -19523,8 +19523,8 @@ boundaries."
("s" . org-narrow-to-subtree)
("=" . org-columns)
("Outline Structure Editing")
("U" . org-shiftmetaup)
("D" . org-shiftmetadown)
("U" . org-metaup)
("D" . org-metadown)
("r" . org-metaright)
("l" . org-metaleft)
("R" . org-shiftmetaright)
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